Sleeperless balastless construction of track and its building technology
  • Allows to automize process of track building, including precision guided arrangement of track structure inserts
  • Increases capacity up to 300 and more meters per day
  • Guarantees high quality of track, also in cause of exclusion of human factor
  • Decreases levels of vibration on surface in 3-5 times. That allows using shallow subway
  • Provides comfortable and simple track maintenance
Features of construction and technology

Constructing track structure is one of the longtime, hard and low-mechanized operations in underground building process.

Track structure and its technology developed by "ABV" specialists are going to completely change the situation. They provide installing rail fasteners directly on surface of track concrete. Shape of concrete surface and construction of fasteners provide uniqueness and accuracy of fasteners installation in plan and profile without additional correction.

High precision paver with sliding moulding, which forms surface of concrete. It is controlled by 3D system. System works by the same data and principle as shield machine system.

That way we have complete chain of precision: Project-Tunnel- Rail Track. Elimination of operations used by standard technology (assembly and disassembly of moulding boards; adjustment, installation and breaking-out of track panel in final position; and etc.) allows us to save time and high precision.

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