Vibration protecting rail fastening systems CRADLE

  • Considerable vibration and noise reduction on the operating lines and those under construction.
  • Reduction of the dynamic impact on the track base.


  • An unattainable earlier rail elasticity of 2.5 kN/mm has been reached while preserving the lateral rail  stability;
  • Absence of friction parts.
  • Convenient replacement of resilient elements.
  • A quick installation on operating lines.
  • Vibration reduction, similar to structures of the “mass-spring” type under standard rail fastening envelope.
  • Rail stress reduction.

Cradle rail fasteners application record:

Cradle fasteners are installed on the Sokolniki line of Moscow subway under the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts and A. M. Shilov art gallery.

The replacement of standard fasteners with Cradle did not require any change of sleepers.  All work  was accomplished during the night time break in the train service. Replacement of up to 80 fasteners took about 2,5 hours of the night “window”. Altogether, about 6,000 Cradle fasteners were installed over 800 meters of double-track tunnel.

The measurements of vibration levels were carried out in the Museum rooms. The measurement results are presented on the diagram.


CRADLE-1 fasteners are installed on the experimental area of truck


Ordinary basing scheme of truck structure. Disadvantages.


New scheme of truck structure. Advantages.


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