Metro track reconstruction technology during «night windows»
  • Provides reconstruction performance up to 60 semi-sleepers during «night window» and a high level of mechanization
  • Increases fire safety of track
  • Allows the transition from the R-50 rails to the R-65 rails, and the opposite way
  • Reduces reconstruction cost in comparison with the existing technology of changing old wooden sleepers with new
Technology features

The new technology of reconstruction consists in replacing of old wooden sleepers with the compositional semi-sleeper with APC fastening and anchoring it with Ektor compound without breaking the path concrete. Electrical insulating properties of the Ektor compound provide simplicity and safety of plant and contact rail bracket if necessary. Technology is designed for mass replacement of worn out wooden sleepers.

Metro track reconstruction technology during «night windows»

Ektor compound is developed by the 'ABV' Group of Companies as a fast solidificating, durable polimer solution with adhesion to all types of concrete, metal, wood and synthetic materials. Ektor compound is designed for rapid reconstruction of path with replacement of sleepers in conditions of the underground.


  • Gains full compressive strength 600 kg/cm less than in 40 minutes
  • Solidificates at a temperature of 0 ` C
  • Not sensitive to the water content of the reconstructed area
  • Non-toxic when filling and subsequent operation
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