Technology of urgent repair of concrete track and constructions
  • Allows to eliminate cracks in concrete structures quickly and reliably
  • Provides an opportunity to re-fasten the track concrete sleepers that lost contact while ensuring their electrical and waterproofing of concrete
  • Provides fastening of track construction filling elements in concrete
Technology features

The new technology of urgent repair successfully solves both major problems of the existing technologies high penetration ability of Epoquick allows the material to fill the thinnest cracls in concrete and, therefore, avoid preliminary breakdown and the high solidificating rate allows to gain a operational strength of the repaired area until the end of the "night window".

Technology of urgent repair of concrete path and constructions

Epoquick compound is developed by the ABV Group of Companies as a fast solidificating hydrophobic glue composition with a high penetration and adhesion to all types of concrete, metal, wood and synthetic materials. Epoquick is designed for urgent repairs in conditions of the underground.


  • Gains full strength in less than 40 minutes
  • Solidificates at a temperature of 0 0`С
  • Displaces the water out of the cracks and glues together both wet and dry surfaces
  • Fills the cracks of 0.3 mm
  • Penetrates and strengthens the concrete around the repaired crack
  • Nontoxic when filling and the subsequent operation
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