Vibration protection technology of operating subway lines during «night windows»
  • ensures vibro protection efficiency of the plant up to 500 meters per month
  • requires no traffic stops and additional speed reduction
  • allows to protect areas with a curve radius of 300 m, slopes up to 45 %0, and speed limit up to 80 km/h
  • does not require wooden sleeper replacement
  • reduces the cost of vibration protection

Effective vibration protection of operating subway lines could have been implemented until recently only on condition of traffic stop for months, concrete removing and new path base creating for 'mass-spring' device type. In the new technology implements unique rail fastening Cradle-2, highly effective at vibro protection and adapted for installation onto existing wooden sleepers in places of conventional rail fastenings.

For this purpose there is a special fastening structure installation position in which its vertical clearance and, what is more important, stiffness are similar to size and stiffness of conventional rail fasteners.

After the replacement of fastenings the entire protected section of track during one "night window" springs are installed into Cradle-2 fasteners and track becomes vibro protected.

Vibration protection technology of operating subway lines during «night windows»


The Pushkin State Museum buildings

2005. Cradle-2 fastening. Works on installation of 1250 anti-vibration fastenings took about one month.

Vibration reduction in 31.5 Hz octave is 8 dB, 63 Hz octave -12 dB.

Bolshoi Theatre

2011. Cradle-2 MD fastening. Works on installation of 4000 fastenings took 2 months.

The average vibration isolation efficiency of underground rehearsal and concert hall Bolshoi Russia on a scale of "A" with the octave 31.5 and 63 Hz, where the vibration signal was detected from the subway trains was 8.3 dB. Locations with the highest vibration impact efficiency in the octave 31.5 Hz was 11 dB, and the octave 63Hz - 13dB.

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